2015 Moment of Calm Report

  Over 13 million forgive at The Moment of Calm

 “The Moment of Calm is more impactful than we think it is,” says a participant. Millions pledged for it from across the globe, including China, India, Morocco, Singapore, South America, South Africa, Taiwan, UAE, UK, and USA.

In a town in Texas, USA, amidst the afternoon’s sweltering heat, a crowd gathered to attend a function held for it by the organizers ‘Infinite Love’. At the Great Wall of China, a Chinese and an Australian made a promise to participate in it from wherever they are. In parts of Africa, including Accra, Ghana, Dar-es-Salaam, Tanzania and Casablanca, Morocco, factory and office workers geared up to observe it even before it arrived.

In the Chennai Express train, a lady quickly moved from compartment to compartment to promote it and the passengers gladly committed to it. In the financial capital of India, the District Governor of Lions Club of Mumbai along with the members got ready to repeat the lines of affirmation for it in the District Cabinet meeting. Khinvraj & Michal in Israel were getting married and added the promise for it in their wedding vows. Hundreds of chanting pilgrims (Warkaris) observed it at their halt in Pune as they proceeded on their annual pilgrimage to Pandharpur in Maharashtra.

It was all about the Moment of Calm - A Global Forgiveness Moment that aims at bringing calm in the hearts of people through the power of forgiveness.

At the global headquarters in Pune, on August 2nd 2015, Rev. Dada J.P. Vaswani spoke on the benefits of forgiveness. "If someone cheats me, spreads rumors about me, hurts me…that person is reducing my load of karma. So we must forgive that person even before forgiveness is asked.” At 2 pm IST, he led the congregation in a forgiveness meditation, adding, “Forgiveness is twice-blessed. It blesses the forgiver and the forgiven.” In other areas, people watched the LIVE webcast to follow the forgiveness session with Dada.

Over 13 million people participated in this year’s global forgiveness campaign, with a total of 13,049,715 pledges received. Several organisations, educational institutions and individuals from all over the world participated.

The Moment of Calm continues to make a tremendous impact on the lives of the young and old from different walks of life. The Principal of a school in Bangalore, observed, “The Moment of Calm has improved my school atmosphere. Fights between students have decreased and the atmosphere has become cordial.”

A student from a well-known college in Mumbai narrated a story on how it impacted his life, “We were great friends, but some differences came between us. A month ago, I heard about the Moment of Calm campaign and thought let’s wrap up every guilt, just throw it away and start with a new beginning. So, I called my friend up and told him sorry. A long conversation followed and we are back as great friends. ”

Many have noticed the change this movement is bringing about. A student from Pune said, “The Moment of Calm is more impactful than we think it is. It helps lift the weight from your heart.”

A participant from Dubai said, “Even though the Moment of Calm is only two minutes, it makes a massive change in society. It is helping the world become a more peaceful place to live.”

A businessman from Hong Kong remarked, “We all go through life and have situations that we come across where we have resentment and hold grudges – whether it be in business or not, so forgiveness is more important than ever."

Noted author, Anjali Mani, wrote in her blog article on, “I participated in this event in 2012 and it was a powerful experience more so because I was making a conscious effort to let go. And this simple technique stayed with me since then. I found that by practicing a simple process of observing silence and clearing my heart of any hurt helped me develop a spirit of tolerance and understanding.”