2016 Moment of Calm Report

  Over 18.2 million pledge to forgive at The Moment of Calm

 “It was like a euphoric moment for my heart!” says a Nurse from J.J. Hospital, Mumbai

In a town in Texas, USA, amidst the afternoon’s sweltering heat, a crowd gathered to attend a function held for it by the organizers ‘Infinite Love’. At the Great Wall of China, a Chinese and an Australian made a promise to participate in it from wherever they are. In parts of Africa, including Accra, Ghana, Dar-es-Salaam, Tanzania and Casablanca, Morocco, factory and office workers geared up to observe it even before it arrived.

The Moment of Calm 2016 was a tremendous success. Young and old, rich and poor, students and teachers, hospital nurses and administrative staff, management and workforce all participated in this momentous moment.
At the global headquarters in Pune, on August 2nd 2016, Rev. Dada J.P. Vaswani said in his talk, "The greatest benefit of forgiveness is it gives you peace of mind. Your richest treasure is your peace of mind. If you have everything in the world but no peace, you are a pauper."

Rev. Dada then led the congregation in a forgiveness meditation. In other areas, people watched the LIVE webcast to join in the forgiveness session with Dada.

After the session, a young lady, Rashmi Motwani, commented, “Participating in the Moment of Calm was a very relaxing experience - all the negativity had gone out of my mind. It was truly a feeling of satisfaction. I felt that I turned into a better person than I was a few minutes back.”

This year, a resounding number of 18,214,128 (Eighteen million, two hundred & fourteen thousand one hundred twenty eight) forgiveness pledges were received from across the globe, including Morocco, UAE, UK, Spain, USA, India, Hong Kong, Singapore, South America, South Africa, China and Taiwan. Singapore, South America, South Africa, China and Taiwan.

Many lives were positively impacted, many relationships restored and many individuals were empowered for the better, The Director of a reputed educational institute narrated how he felt happy when he forgave a colleague who had filed a false complaint to the police against him. The Director had suffered due to the false charges. When years later his colleague approached him for his daughter's much needed admission in his college, the Director felt angry, but then he remembered the Moment of Calm message he had just received in his e-mail. Inspired by the message, he forgave his colleague and granted the much needed admission. The two became friends again.
One young athlete forgave his friend for taking his lawn tennis racket on the day of his tournament and erased the pain he was holding on to. A middle-aged lady enthusiastically remarked, “My blood pressure has vanished and my headaches are gone now. Thanks to the Moment of Calm.” A Patron Nurse from J.J. Hospital in Mumbai said, “The Moment of Calm really gives peace to many hearts. There is a universal need to forgive. From my own experience, I really felt relaxed and calm. It was like a euphoric moment for my heart.”

The Moment of Calm has also gained the support of many international organizations like Unify, Peace Within is World Peace, All World Gayatri Pariwar, Indian Development Foundation, Infinite Love, Worldwide Forgiveness Alliance and many more.

This year the cast of Bal Veer has also joined the growing number of celebrities who support this movement. Actress Anushka Sen of Bal Veer exclaims, “I strongly believe in the values of forgiveness and love. When you forgive, you stand tall. Forgive one, forgive all!” Bollywood Celebrity Aamir Khan continues to support this initiative declaring, “The power of forgiveness can bring peace to the world.” The campaign also had a big impact on social media. Throughout the week, inspirational quotes, practical exercises and unique mantras are posted on the Moment of Calm Facebook site. A Facebook user writes, “Thank you Moment of Calm Team for sending such wonderful, practical exercises. I request you to kindly send these reminder capsules often to enrich our lives.”

The Moment of Calm is all about that feeling of lightness, that feeling of joy, that feeling of peace that everyone is craving for.