The Moment of Calm 2017 was a great success. We are deeply grateful to one and all who participated.

This year, a resounding number of over 18.7 million forgiveness pledges were received from around the world – Australia, Belgium, Brazil, France, South Africa, Mauritius, UAE, USA, UK, India, Thailand, Taiwan, Denmark, Mexico, Morocco, Panama, Singapore, Switzerland, Korea, Ireland, Germany, Spain & China.

Many hearts were relieved, many lives were positively impacted.

A young professional lady shared her experience. “I fought with my parents to marry the man I loved. Supported his family in all possible ways. After a five year old relationship and two years of marriage, he abandoned me without any reason. All he wanted was a separation without shelling a penny. At first I was bitter but then decided to let go. I did all the legal process on my own without taking any alimony. When I participated in the Moment of Calm, I forgave him and released my negative feelings. Today, I hold no grudges against him.”

Teachers and students, athletes and coaches, resort club members and managers, doctors and nurses, housewives and businessmen - all felt the impact in different ways.

The Principal of a reputed educational institute related, “My joy knew no bounds when Management decided to promote me from Vice Principal to Principal. Sadly, there were a few teachers who become very jealous and plotted against me. They started spreading false rumors and lies to defame me. At first I thought of teaching them a lesson, but then I remembered my discussion with a Moment of Calm volunteer and decided to refuse to let their behavior impact me. In my heart, I forgave them and continued to do my duty as Principal. In a few weeks, I was surprised to see that even their attitude changed and they become friendlier towards me. The rumors seemed to have stopped as well.”

Schools and colleges, corporates and NGO’s, hospitals and clinics, sports academies and resorts, spiritual groups and individuals were among the many participants.

“This is called a Human Revolution. If everyone brings in this forgiveness concept, the world will be a better place.” said the Vice Principal of a school.

We thank you for supporting the Moment of Calm and welcome any feedback, comments, experiences, pictures that you would like to share.

Ask yourself

Why am I carrying this huge burden?
Is it really worth jeopardizing my own health?
Affirm to yourself
I choose to let go and feel light.

Take a deep breath in

Close your eyes
Clear your heart
Inhale Forgiveness
Exhale Peace


Lift Yourself above
your negative emotions
Give! Forgive! And Be Free!


The countdown continues...