BE Love

Shed negativity. Learn to let go of grudges, resentment and anger and create space for more kindness and love.
I choose to drive out hate and let love in.


Share the love. Do an act that inspires, uplifts & serves another. Be that listening ear, that helping hand, that caring heart.
I choose to be kind and give love to all.


Live every moment with Love. Spread it's light all around. Each kind act, each good thought, each choice to let go adds to a growing vibration that helps to fill the Universe with Love.
I choose to fill the Universe with love.


Revered Dada J.P. Vaswani, Founder of the Moment of Calm, passed on from the seen to the unseen on July 12, 2018. Ever-loving, ever-giving, he continues to bless us from the beyond.


Rev. Dada spent his life spreading the message of universal brotherhood and peace. We are sure his legacy of love will continue to inspire and heal hearts all over the world. In his honor, we shall continue to observe the Moment of Calm on August 2 at 2pm. Please do join us from wherever you are.

The countdown continues...